My love for photography started at a young age and has always interested me. An image is a recorded moment you may never have remembered, a beautifully made composition, a feeling of connecting emotionally and relating to someone you have never met, and a critical part to how we view society and culture.

It started when I was little, I would be more than happy to gaze through the cluttered boxes of family photos. As I got older I started organizing and marking the backs with who, where and when. My appreciation for visual records and my curiosity to observe and learn about others pointed to becoming a photo-journalist. I stood with that dream and graduated from Drexel University in 2007 with my Bachelor's of Science in Photography and minor in Art History. Considering the many fields in which photography could take you, I knew my passion was for viewing the real world. I focused many projects on meeting new audiences and street photography while in college. Awareness of what's going on around me, involving myself in the bigger picture, extending a helping hand universally, and the importance of social documentation make up why I am growing in this field.